Online Survey Bureau is a friendly survey community that asks for your opinion on brands, products, services etc.
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What is survey and how does it work?

Online Survey is a method through which market research companies and brands collect public opinion and feedback for the products and services we use in daily life. With the increasing use of Internet, online surveys have become a popular way of collecting consumers opinion as it helps companies to improve the quality of services and products they have to offer. Online survey is not limited to a particular set of individuals, instead it is a platform for every individual to voice their opinion. From homemakers to entrepreneur everyone is eligible for the surveys pertaining to the topics.

To start, just click on online questionnaire and share your basic demographic information (e.g. age, gender, city, country etc.) to help us categorize. You can immediately start answering the questions basis your opinion and observation. Moreover you stand a chance to earn $500 monthly sweepstakes.

Registering is not mandatory but should you choose to do it you can avail additional points for each survey you participate into. can be convert

Why to participate in Survey?

We all have some bitter-sweet experiences for the products we use in our day to day life and it feels better to share our experience whether good or bad. It feels much better if you get paid for it as well.

Feedback helps a company to understand their customer better and design their products and services to suit customers better.

By participating in surveys you are not only voicing your opinion but also changing the course of a company by directing them into designing better products. you

How to Earn Money from Online Survey Bureau?

The moment you participate in an online surveys at Online Survey Bureau, you become eligible for our Monthly Sweepstake Program which gives you a chance to earn upto $500 . The more frequently you participate in surveys, the more are your chances to win the sweepstake.

In order to earn guaranteed money, you just need to spend one minute of your time and sign-up with Online Survey Bureau. For every survey you take, your account is credited with points that you can redeem as cash later.

You can bookmark our website to keep a check on new surveys or manage survey alerts and notifications according to your convenience.