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Q .) How can I signup with Online Survey Bureau?
Ans.) Please click on signup form to fill the signup form and submit. You need to enter the valid email address which is active to receive signup confirmation email in order to login and active your account.

Q .) Do I need pay anything for the membership?
Ans.) No, you don't need to pay anything for signup and membership with Online Survey Bureau.

Q .) Why my email address is not being accepted?
Ans.) One person can have only one account. If the form is not accepting your email address, it means you are already registered with email address you are using to sign up or with some with some email address which belong to you. The form will also not accept your email address if it has been blacklisted in any of the database or it is inactive or expired or it is disposable.

Q .) Can I have multiple account with Online Survey Bureau using different email address?
Ans.) No, we allow only one account per individual.

Q .) Why my account is blocked?
Ans.) Our member support team keep checking member's activity and survey participation behavior? If we find any of the member is trying to create multiple account or trying to take survey multiple times or providing fake information or using some trick to earn money, we block the member for quality purpose. We allow only genuine members who are participating in survey genuinely to help and produce quality market research results.

Q .) Can I redeem my points after my account being blocked?
Ans.) No, all your earned reward will be lapsed after your account is blocked.
Q .) How will I be notified about surveys?
Ans.) You can login to your account and check out daily surveys. You will be redirected to all surveys your demographic qualify for. If you prefer surveys via email address, you can also select this preference in your account and we will send your survey email whenever a new survey is available for you.

Q .) What types of surveys would be available?
Ans.) The survey covers various topics related to social awareness, consumer products & services and your occupation. You need to submit your response to the questions asked in different surveys based on your experience.

Q .) Why do I get the message that you have been disqualified in this survey?
Ans.) Every survey has some confidential screening criteria before mail questionnaire starts, if your response doesn't match in any of the screening question, you will be disqualified in that particular survey however you can still participate in other available surveys.

Q .) Why do I get the message that our quota has been met (quota full)?
Ans.) We need certain number of qualified interviews in every survey. If you start the survey after achieving the projected limit, you will not be allowed to participate in that survey but you will be redirected to other survey if available.

Q .) Will I qualify every survey?
Ans.) No, there is no guarantee that you will qualify every survey but you have some earning opportunity with every survey after answering demographic questions.

Q .) Can I participate the same survey again?
Ans.) No, you are allowed to participate in a survey only once, if you left the survey in middle due to some reason, you won't be able to take the same survey again. As soon as you click on survey link, it expires. If you got disqualified or show quota full message, you are not allowed to participate in same survey again.

Q .) Why did I disqualify in a survey without answering any question?
Ans.) If you show the message of getting disqualified without answering any question, you must have been disqualified due quality and security reasons which is confidential.

Q .) How many survey can I participate in a day?
Ans.) You can take as many surveys as you in a day based on the availability of open surveys at our end and your demographic information.

Q .) Why do I get the survey closed or survey hold message?
Ans.) If you started the survey after it was closed or placed on hold, you will see this message. In this case, you will be redirected to other survey if available.
Q .) When does point credit in my account?
Ans.) We credit your earned point as soon as you complete a survey. You can check your earned point in your account in reward points page.

Q .) Why my point is not showing in a survey I just qualified?
Ans.) The points are updated real time however at sometimes it take 24-48 hours to update the points in your account due to technical reason or complete data is not captured due internet related issues?

Q .) Why my point has been removed from a survey which I qualified earlier?
Ans.) When a survey closes, our panel team check the data to ensure high quality. If your responses were found below quality standards, your participation gets rejected and so points are removed. If we found such issues in more than 10 surveys, there is high chance of your account being blocked as well.

Q .) When can I redeem my points?
Ans.) We have a redemption limit for point redemption which you can check under your account. You can make request to redeem your points as soon as your earned points hit the minimum threshold.

Q .) How would I receive my earning?
Ans.) You will receive your earning via paypal if paypal transaction is acceptable in your country otherwise you will receive shopping coupons.

Q .) How long I can keep points in my account?
Ans.) You can keep your points in your account as long as you wish after meeting the minimum threshold.
Q .) When do I qualify for the sweepstake?
Ans.) You enter to the monthly sweepstake as soon as you qualify in a survey. More surveys you qualify, higher the chance of winning the sweepstake.

Q .) Do I need to be a member of Online Survey Bureau to enter in the monthly sweepstake?
Ans.) No, you don't need to be a member of Online Survey Bureau to enter in monthly sweepstake. You can participate in without even being a member of the site. However, you must submit the email address at the time of participation otherwise we won't be able to consider you for the sweepstake.

Q .) Why do I need to submit my email address if I don't want to become member of Online Survey Bureau?
Ans.) Your email is important so that we can contact you if you win the sweepstakes. We might contact for some of the survey if it requires follow-up for some additional question but you can prefer whether to be contacted or not at the time of starting the survey. You won't be contacted for any other purpose.

Q .) How will I receive my sweepstake money if I win?
Ans.) You will receive sweepstake money via paypal is paypal is available in your country. So, you must have a paypal account. If paypal is available in your country, you will receive the money vial cheque or shopping coupons.

Q .) What if I miss the email of prize confirmation if I win?
Ans.) If you miss the email and don't check within 10 days, we amount other person as winner who was second in line.

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